02/13/2021: Exciting News – you’ll want to read about…

We are excited for the new year and look forward to great things starting with our NEW core teller system. We expect to convert to the new teller system on March 15, 2021.  This new system provides us functionality that will allow us to offer more products and services as well as efficiency in serving our customers.



OFFICE – We will be closing early (5:00 pm) on Friday, March 12th and remained closed thru the weekend, opening later on Monday, March 15th at 9:00 a.m.  

INTERNET BANKING – Internet Banking will not be accessible from March 12th through March 15th (please see Internet Banking section for more details).

DEBIT/ATM CARDS – Cards will still work in an offline limit/mode (see Debit/ATM section for more details).



Internet banking will not be accessible while we are converting systems. We anticipate the internet banking will be down after we close on Friday, March 12th and back up on Monday, March 15th (after 9 a.m.).  On Monday, March 15th, Users will need to log in and reset passwords.  Please refer to instructions mailed 2/5/2021.



There will be no interruption for bill pay users.  This is a stand-alone service that has a separate log in and third-party affiliation. Access or sign up for Bill Pay at www.bankguardian.com and click on enroll. If you have questions about enrollment or your bill pay activity – please contact Bill Pay Customer Service at 1-844-699-2558.



Cards will continue to work throughout the weekend of conversion using preset limits.  We will not be available to research or answer questions after we close on Friday until Monday, March 15th.  Please plan accordingly.  If your card is lost or stolen, please contact Card Services at 1-800-528-2273. 



Your current account number will carry over to the new system with a slight variation as we move to a 12-digit account number. Systems are in place to process your current check supply using the current account number.  When it is time to re-order checks we will order them with the updated number structure.  For those who do not order checks through us, we request that you contact us before your next order is placed.  We do reserve the right to require use of our “forms” and may return or reject any other form.



SAVINGS PASSBOOKS – We will no longer offer or service passbooks.  Passbook savings accounts will convert to a statement savings account. We encourage passbook savings account holders to sign up for e-statements as there may be a fee.  Statements are generated quarterly, unless activity requires a periodic statement, per regulations. Interest on these accounts will change to calendar quarter month end – March, June, September and December.  Periodic fees, if applicable, will be assessed at that time.


LOAN PASSBOOKS – We will no longer offer or service passbooks for loan accounts.  Accounts will have a billing notice sent, unless you request to cancel the service.  We offer automatic payments and online payments and coming soon, ACH payments from your checking account. Coupon books may be available upon request.



March Statements will generate on the 6th of March and have a due date of March 31st.  Beginning with the April statement, your statements will be generated on the 3rd day of each month and due on the last business day of each month.



We encourage you to take advantage of this service.  This allows for faster delivery of your statements as well as security and storage options.  Statements are located within internet banking where at least 12 months are stored and can be retrieved and downloaded.  Some accounts will have paper statement fees applicable effective March 15th so we encourage you to enroll now.  You may enroll online by sending a secure message through internet banking, send us an email at customerservice@bankguardian.com, call our office at 618-876-5544, contact one of our representatives at your next visit.  

We anticipate some enhancements regarding e-statements after conversion – stay tuned.



Our new teller system functions on a 5-day processing rather than a 6-day.  What this means for our customers is that transactions posted on Saturday will have a posting date of Monday. This will have little change except for loan payments and CD maturities.  Please plan accordingly.



It’s been since 2013 that we changed our fees.  With new services and increased technology, we have realigned our fees effective 3/15/2021.  Please see the new fees posted in the drive thru, in the packet mailed 2/5/2021, on our website or request a full Schedule of Fees by emailing customerservice@bankguardian.com.  



Checks payable to someone else, endorsed by them and then endorsed by you, will result in a $10 fee per item, and require the item(s) be deposited. We encourage those payees to establish a banking relationship with us.



Checks you write to others drawn off of your bank account with us will be charged a check cashing fee of $5.00. Those payees will receive the amount of the check less the $5.00 fee.  You will not be charged the fee. We encourage those payees to establish a banking relationship with us. We will not charge you to cash your own on-us check payable to you or cash.



Checks requested from your account payable to a 3rd party will have a $3.00 fee, per item/request, charged to your account. 



We encourage customers to keep their accounts active to avoid dormant account status fees or transmittal of abandoned funds to the State.



New agreements and disclosures were mailed 2/5/21. Please review for changes to your account(s) and consider if another account is better suited for your banking needs.  Switching to a different account will be easy, and best to do after the conversion.  Contact a member of our staff for guidance. 



IDENTIFICATION: We will be requesting updated identification for input into our system.  The new core system has more advanced technology, it is important that we have the most recent identification on file and updated as they expire. Please bring your identification with you on your next visit.     

SECURITY CODE OR PHRASE: We will begin collecting a security code or phrase you select to enhance the security of your information.  This code or phrase will be requested when information is requested by phone.

ADDRESS: We require a physical address for all customers – please be sure we have your most updated address information – both mailing and physical address.

EMAIL ADDRESS: This is required for internet banking and e-statement notification.  Please update your email in internet banking AND with a member of our staff.  If you need assistance in updating your email in internet banking, please call our office at 618-876-5544.


E-STATEMENT ENROLLMENT: Enroll online through secure messaging, email us your request, call our office or let a member of our staff know on your next visit. The enrollment form can be found on our home page.   Internet Banking access, email address and a pdf reader are required for e-statement services.



We have been working hard to learn the new systems and appreciate your patience as we make the transition. We are excited about the new teller system and the possibilities it offers.  Later, in 2021, we plan to roll out an exciting new service that we think you’ll be excited about, too.


We appreciate your loyalty and support of us – a local, small business, community bank.  We are happy you chose Guardian Savings Bank. It’s because of customers like you that we are beginning our 102nd year!!!

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Rates are not guaranteed and are subject to change. To request a new account disclosure call 618-876-5544 or email us at customerservice@bankguardian.com.

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Lost or Stolen ATM/Debit Card?

If your ATM or Debit card is ever lost or stolen, please contact us immediately at 618-876-5544. After regular business hours, please call 1-800-528-2273 to receive immediate assistance.