11/14/2018: Shane Wecker appointed VP

Hats off to Shane Wecker on being appointed Executive Vice President by the Board of Directors on November 13, 2018.  Shane joined us in January ’18 and has been a great addition to our Management Team.  He wears many hats and is eager to serve our customers. Congratulations to Shane!

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11/08/2018: Debit Card Fraud Protection

A new layer of protection has been added to our Debit Cards.  Omnishield will monitor transactions and flag transactions which may be questionable.  Fraud Detection services will contact the cardholder to verify the transaction(s).  A response is required in order for the card to continue to process further activity.    Cardholders should ensure that we always […]

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10/24/2018: Online Safety at Work

NCSA Week 3 -It’s Everyone’s Job to Ensure Online Safety at Work SIMPLE TIPS Follow these simple tips from the Stop.Think.Connect.™ Campaign to help foster a culture of cybersecurity in your organization. When in doubt, throw it out. Stop and think before you open attachments or click links in emails. Links in email, instant message, […]

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10/17/2018: Tips for Creating Passwords

Here are some tips courtesy of the Department of Homeland Security NSCAM campaign: Stop Think Connect. Make your password eight characters or longer. Create a password with eight characters or more and a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.  Use a long passphrase. Use a passphrase such as a news headline or even the title […]

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10/15/2018: Cyber Safety starts at Home

Cyber Safety Starts at Home.   Here’s some tips from the National Cybersecurity Alliance and Department of Homeland Security. Keep a Clean Machine. Lock down your Login. Share with Care. Back it up. Personal information is like money. Value it. Protect it. Secure your Wi-Fi Router. Click NCSAM-2018-Week1 to read more about these topics.

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Rates are not guaranteed and are subject to change. To request a new account disclosure call 618-876-5544 or email us at customerservice@bankguardian.com.

CD Rates Effective as of 8/6/2020.

Lost or Stolen ATM/Debit Card?

If your ATM or Debit card is ever lost or stolen, please contact us immediately at 618-876-5544. After regular business hours, please call 1-800-528-2273 to receive immediate assistance.